My name is Danyael M. Cheairs and I am the owner of Tranquil Elegance by Danyael. I founded the company in September 2003. We hand make 95% of our products right in the kitchen and lab with natural and organic ingredients. and essential oils and chemical free fragrances. Many of our products are customizable with your favorite color, scent, flavor and more.

Tranquil Elegance by Danyael was born when I discovered a kit to make your own lotion and lip balm. I tried it and fell it love with it. I decided to do research and see what else I could make. I started out with about 10 products and 10 fragrances and I made up sample bags and a product list. Everyone that I gave a sample bag to became a customer.  Creating products is a passion of mine and I love my customers' faces when they get a finished product.

Our company's philosophy is to provide luxury products to the customer at an affordable price. Thank you so much for choosing our company and I look forward to having you as a customer.

Danyael M. Cheairs, Founder